PT smiling as she is running under a child swinging high on swing.


Peds Teletherapy was created in 2019 by Alice Laverdiere PT, MS, ATP/SMS as a response to seeing a need for Pediatric Physical Therapy Services & Supports that are available, easy to access, affordable and driven by evidence based goal achievement for children. Alice has over 33 years of experience as a pediatric and neonatal physical therapist. As a compliment to her PT degree she went on to earn a master's degree in Assistive Technology & Human Services. Through RESNA she has certifications as a Seating & Mobility Specialist (SMS) and an Assistive Technology Professional (ATP).

Mission Statement: Peds Teletherapy believes that every child at risk for a disability or with a known disability/diagnosis and their families, regardless of location, race, economic status, culture, beliefs, sexual orientation or ability to pay, deserves outcome and evidenced based therapy services that are easily accessed and support goal attainment, improved functioning and community participation.

Vision: To provide ease of access, available, quality care, outcome and evidenced based therapy services with a focus on family centered care and with a holistic approach for pediatric clients.